Media Transport Solutions

• Comprehensive Content Distribution

Media Transport Solutions provides complete telecommunication engineering, design, provisioning, deployment, project management, and application commissioning to fulfill content transport and distribution requirements.

• Custom Design

Regardless of bandwidth or protocol, speed or distance, budget and timeline, Media Transport Solutions can present designs tailored to your specific application. All applications are individually evaluated for immediate requirements with future growth, budget, scalability, technical feasibility, and timeline using the most current techniques and hardware available. Ease of use, deployment and management are designed into each application following the recommendations and guidelines for each individual client.

• Real Time Distribution

Real time distribution of video and audio content over traditional ATM or emerging IP and Ethernet transport platforms requires careful and individual evaluation to ensure that your product arrives on time and intact to the intended destination. Network segments and egress must be considered and accommodated during the design and provisioning phases to sustain the best possible transport path for the data that represents your valuable content.

• Innovative Services

Media Transport Solutions provides innovative, end-to-end application engineering services. From network conception and installation to product recommendations, sales, and implementation Media Transport Solutions can develop your requirements into robust and practical, workflow-friendly applications.